Hopscotch MatTurn the indoors into a perfect play space with the hopscotch mat. That’s right, all the fun of the outdoor playground game can now be had right in your living room. Eliminate boredom on those rainy or cold days with a mat for hopscotch. In fact this also makes the perfect gift for a child or someone with children. If you have your own daycare center this is a must have as well.

Depending on the kind you get, you can even help let your kids learn about numbers and counting by assembling the mats to complete the board. Get bright colors that will help stimulate them visually and mentally. Turn the old fashioned version of hopscotch into a modern day fun learning tool. Get the right system and you can even get the carrying case for use at their friends’ homes too.

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What You Should Know

Some parents have been opting for this also because they feel it is safer. It is much nicer knowing they are indoors, away from strangers and using foam mats instead of concrete. Help them learn about counting and even develop problem solving skills by puzzling the pieces together. Never before has the game been beneficial in so many ways.

Your children can still let their personality show as well, if you let them choose from the designs available. From basic and simple color block type patterns to those with cartoon characters on them, you can find nearly anything they would love. In fact you may even like the rug versions if they are past the development stages of learning to count. This option still makes the indoors fun, but also takes of less space than the thicker foam tiles used on the mat pieces.

The Bottom Line

Hopscotch is still a classic game kids love and can benefit from playing. In fact you may still love it enough to want to play along. Now you can help your kids learn to love the game as much as you did. Now it just comes with a new spin on the old classic. The great thing is it is a game that does well with both boys and girls of all ages. Turn your next indoor birthday party into a hit with the rug or mat.

You may even be amazed by the durability with which some of these sets hold up, even with kids of all sizes jumping from square to square and even when you set it up on concrete. You may even want to use this as a soft mat for areas that you are concerned about such as around the pool or other play areas. The days of classic games don’t have to be long gone. Make the most of indoor or outdoor playtime with a hopscotch mat for your kids.

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